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Starting Over Again



It’s been a while since the last time I picked up my pen and wrote a for my blog. The last time I have written a whole blog post was almost a year ago. I have experienced a lot of adventure; lost and gained, but due to some reasons I cannot pinpoint, I was not able to transcribe them. Maybe I was preoccupied with my photography gigs and other chores back then. Maybe I was overwhelmed with the ideas in my head that I forgot to write them. I have neglected my pen and pad for over a year. I have even lost my favorite pen during my dormancy.

Then earlier this year, I remembered to check my WordPress account. I was delighted to learn that there were still some who view and read my posts; even more delighted to see new followers. I realized that I should write and post again because I owe it to these readers and subscribers. I know that I’m not really a good writer and my posts are incoherent, a chop suey of fashion, narratives, poems and illustrations, but still, I should write this craziness in my head.

I now tweaked my blog— I added some buttons on the menu and changed my theme. As a preparation for my comeback, I have tried writing haikus which was like a baby step before constructing paragraphs in the future. I thought of posting these haikus together with some of my photos and illustrations.

I want to thank the readers who read my outdated posts and those who accidentally clicked  the links that got them lost in my page (you upped my view stats!). I thank my co-writers and bloggers for posting. Reading your works has motivated me to write again. To whoever is reading this post, I would like to hear your inputs to challenge me more so that I could develop my writing skills

Let’s keep our fingers moving and our thought flowing. Happy blogging!

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I Can’t Think of Any Title For This…

…as much as i can’t think of anything to write in this text box. I haven’t posted anything for the past months. I don’t know why. Maybe I don’t have much time anymore to update my blog or maybe I’ve lost my creative and poetic juices. I hope it’s not the latter. I would like to believe it’s the first one. I have been quite busy inside the studio and traveling around places for work. For those who still don’t know what’s keeping me busy Iately, I am a pseudo-wedding photographer nowadays so I have spent the previous months taking photos, laying out albums, etc. I was that preoccupied that I haven’t finished reading the books I’ve started or watching the DVDs I bought or download the Top 40 songs. I haven’t even seen some of my friends lately. I just hope that in time, I’ll find the inspiration and the motivation to post the whatever things right off the top of my twisted head. Maybe, this post is the start and a portent before the awaited “I’m back to blogging in WordPress!”

Wish me luck, you twisted readers and writers!

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What Writers Dread: The Block

I wish that my mind is like a lemon– juicy. Because nowadays, I’ve been missing my tall glass of creative juices. I’ve been having this writer’s block for months already that’s why I haven’t clicked the “New Post” tab just yet. I mean, I am writing a new post now but this is different. I miss writing fiction! The last time I’ve written a short story was like two months ago. I tried making a new one and I actually started writing. I already have names for the main characters and have conceptualized on their personalities. Hell, I already knew how to end it but the only thing missing is how to thicken the plot! How do I make it exciting or how do I even make someone read it through the end? I thought I should read other books or watch movies or TV series to gain inspiration but still, my brain is idle! Well, I think I should continue reading and watching before I come up with a decent story. Ta-ta for now.