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Haiku #7: Ambivalence


Three words, eight letters
I love you or I hate you
I guess I feel both

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going fritzolophical: “forgive and……”

It’s funny just how I thought of composing this before reading a random book with the theme of forgiving and moving forward. Okay! It was a Mills & Boon romance but what can I say? I have the heart of a woman who is a sucker for romance–or maybe I thought so.

By the way, back to the coincidence, maybe I’m a psychic or it’s just the effect of too much listening to Adele 🙂

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going fritzolophical..

thank you…

   I’m sorry…



Who would have thought that these three simple expressions we hear almost everyday, can turn into a statement that could hurt and break our hearts.

Wahahaha! Why am I being such a drama queen? I bet there’s nothing wrong when we say something with these 3 words like “Mom, thank you for the breakfast but I’m sorry coz I’m going to be late in school, Goodbye!”


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going fritzolophical…

“Rewind seems to be good after makes you understand the story before going forward”


Most people think that going through their past, especially if it had been painful, is no use to the present and the future. But just like the movies and books, you won’t be able to appreciate the happy endings without knowing how the hero and heroine got it. So why don’t we reminisce those moments? Melancholic or elating, pressing the rewind button may not be so bad after all. It may help us thicken the plot of our beautiful lives before going forward for our happy ending.