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Loves Me Not

Haha! Did it again; made a cheesy poem!!!


I was with thorns,
yet you picked me.
You said it didn’t hurt you much.
I felt beautiful and sensual.
But then, I was shredded.
One by one and slowly, destroyed.
Crushed and trampled with every step you took when you went away.

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La Dolce Vita

Our Writing 201 assignment is about Found Poetry where in I had to cut out words and phrases and arrange them into a poem. I made a word salad from pages 44-47 of Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert.
la dolce vita

I deserve something beautiful
I want the dolce vita,
I love the sweet life,
Some good lessons, personal victories,
The beautiful world.

I like to find a beautiful home
And perhaps speak a few separate languages,
To understand human emotions,
To find the most beautiful dialect ever spoken– love.

I will watch the sunset,
Walk down through the seductively beautiful cities,
Meet princes and intellectuals,
End a day laughing or playing,
Have any reason to be happy and feel contented

Most of all, be with and love God Himself,
I want so desperately.