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Movietime: Fast Five


Finally, the fifth installment of the high-octane action is here! It’s one of the movies that has many sequels but still, I don’t get tired of watching them. It’s actually the only movie I have an all-original movie collection of it – I just don’t know where my friend, Aileen, placed them and I haven’t gotten them back yet.

Well, for the fifth sequel, there were less drag racing. Instead, they’ve made a team and shifted the movie theme from drag racing to Ocean’s series-like movie. No, they did not rob casinos, just the dirty money from a drug lord. An no, they were not in Las Vegas but in Brazil. It’s just so perfect watching the hot ensemble of stars in captivating Brazil.

And since O’Connor (Paul Walker) is now a good-guy-gone-bad and the other central characters are now fugitives, they needed someone to come after them. And then came the character of Duane Johnson! It was almost scary seeing The Rock and Vin Diesel hit each other with their rock-hard muscles. He turned this movie into a mouse chase instead of a car race. Well, that’s the only thing I didn’t like in the movie- there were hot cars but less heart-pounding racing? Oh, and another thing, why is Pitbull not in their official movie soundtrack? 😦

And so after all the robbing and police and bad guy chasing, what surprised me in the end end seeing Evan Mendez (from 2 Fast, 2 Furious) and knowing that Michelle Rodriguez (Dominic’s girlfriend everyone thought dies during Fast&Furious) is alive and racing!

So, it’s definite that we are going to see a Fast and Furious 6 or whatever they plan to title it!

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P.S. I have made Fast Five my screen wallpaper. And I’m planning of staying in love with Paul Walker

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going fritzolophical…

“Rewind seems to be good after makes you understand the story before going forward”


Most people think that going through their past, especially if it had been painful, is no use to the present and the future. But just like the movies and books, you won’t be able to appreciate the happy endings without knowing how the hero and heroine got it. So why don’t we reminisce those moments? Melancholic or elating, pressing the rewind button may not be so bad after all. It may help us thicken the plot of our beautiful lives before going forward for our happy ending.