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Chanel Resort 2012 Collection


Fashion high priest, Karl Lagerfeld, pioneered  this years Resort 2012 fashion show with his new collection for Chanel last Monday night. The fashion show took place at the Hotel du Cap, in Antibes, France – which he booked out wholly last year for this year’s show. The hotel is said to be the most expensive one in the whole world, as Lagerfeld pointed it out. Well, the luxury doesn’t only end with the venue but also, he was able to cast in lots of top models and fill the front rows with the most glamorous fashion victims. And if you think that that is too much, here is more – he accessorized his pieces with real diamonds, pearls, and jewels! "Too much may not be enough," Lagerfeld said at the end of the show.

Chanel may have the most numerous looks in every fashion show. It’s not only a collection but it’s a collection of groups. Maybe the diamonds and gems may be the only cohesive unit that will make you call it a collection. There might seem to be a lack of focus but every piece was well made not to mention, elegant. The collection consists of everything from one piece bikinis to maxi dresses, plains to prints, black and white to colored, and everything and anything you might think they are. "I saw everything from a day at the beach to a wedding," actress Rachel Bilson mused.

When Lagerfeld was asked what or who inspired him to make this sundries, he said Rita Hayworth and Aly Khan, who frequented the Hotel du Cap in the past did it. So what look do you think stood-out the most in this “collection”?


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Karl Lagerfeld Designs For Diet Coke In Paris


I never thought Coke would come in such beautiful bottles like these again! Well, it wouldn’t be impossible if Karl Lagerfeld is the one who, for the second time, designed the bottles. Plus, it’s not just the bottles which are cute. Each bottles would be sold individually in prism-shaped collector’s boxes. The limited-edition Diet Coke bottles will be sold starting June 2011. (sighs*) I really hope they would distribute it here in the Philippines for us to enjoy.

Celebrating with the fashion’s high priest are his inspirations, top models Coco Rocha, Jeneil Williams and Heidi Mount. Click through to see the photos from the campaign, the bottles, and behind-the-scenes stills from the shoot.