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I had nothing to do on a Wednesday afternoon and I thought my pencil and sketch pad could use some exploitation. It was almost 3 weeks that I haven’t drawn a croquis de mode. I tried doing some this time but I’m not that inspired to design and I thought I had some designer’s block – you know like the one that happens to writers when their creative juices doesn’t seem to come. But I know you already know that. OKAY! I’ll stop with my blabbing, if that’s the technical term used when it comes to written words. Urgh! Never mind.

So okay, since I’ve had this designer’s block which made me impossible to design a dress, I’ve decided to just work on the portrait of 2 of my gay best friends, Jeff and Glenn. But also since I can’t let them be just the persons to have their portraits drawn by me, I’ve decided to draw ME too. Wait, did I just got jealous of them when I’m the one who’s responsible??? Never mind again.

Here are the outcomes. Just guess who is who from the pictures.