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Haiku #16: Cryotherapy


It was one of those rainy and chilly afternoons when I decided to go to the coffee shop. I could have gotten myself a cup of extra-hot cappuccino but opted for the frappe instead. I could have chosen the warm comfort but no, I chose to feel the shivers and have my fingers numbed just to write this poem.

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home coffee experience will never be the same again with my Starbucks mug handle broken

It’s quite a sad day for me today because my Starbucks mug handle was broken. While browsing my Facebook page, I totally forgot about my still coffee-filled mug on the salon as I had my late breakfast there while I was in front of the TV. The kids were playing there when I heard a breaking sound. I immediately knew that that was my mug which has fallen. I went out of our computer room and saw some white porcelain fragments on the floor with the bitter caramel brown colored liquid on the floor. At the time being, I’m still shocked over what happened. My home coffee experience will never be the same again with my Starbucks mug handle broken. It’s not only my morning coffee habit which will be affected by my mug’s demise, but also my afternoon tea habit. There were no other dents on the mug body itself, just on the handle. I can still pour beverages and drink on it, but it won’t be the same again! Just how can I drink properly when my hand is being burned by its contact with the hot mug filled with the very hot water? Will I need to cool my coffee or tea down before I can get hold of it and take a sip? And how will I look drinking on a now-damaged mug?
I know I’m being such melodramatic over this but you can’t blame me – I’m a crazy coffeeholic. Haha!

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lollipoppin'indulge [ɪnˈdʌldʒ]


1. (when intr, often foll by in) to yield to or gratify (a whim or desire for) to indulge a desire for new clothes to indulge in new clothes
2. (tr) to yield to the wishes of; pamper to indulge a child
3. (tr) to allow oneself the pleasure of something at Christmas he liked to indulge himself
[from Latin indulgēre to concede, from -dulgēre, probably related to Greek dolikhos long, Gothic tulgus firm]
indulger  n
indulgingly  adv

Collins English Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged © HarperCollins Publishers 1991, 1994, 1998, 2000, 2003


And as for me, my Top 5 indulgences to date are..

1. Magazines– The reason why I’m excited to looking forward to a new month!

2. Coffee and tea-Coffee is a staple.Well, thanks to my friend Bernadette for always convincing me to go to Starbucks. We are coffee druggies. Teabags are also essential. I particularly love Earl Grey. And I usually drink tea whenever I’ feel like relaxing or I want to get into the mood of a “pretty lady in an afternoon tea party.”

3. Pizza  Bernadette and I could chow down 1 whole box of pizza each. Our Grandma also usually brings 2 boxes of pizza whenever she comes over to the house for a visit.

4. Sales! -Wag-wag and ukay-ukay galore! You can’t help but to buy some dainty clothes like Gap, Banana Republic, Old Navy shirts and cardigans and others especially if they are only for 10 pesos or $0.23. Mama is already chewing me out for having too much clothes. Well, I can’t blame her because I have 2 months old pile of clothes in my laundry baskets)

5. Oldies songs I’ve been filling my playlist with oldies for the past months. Usually, they are from 30s-70s era like the songs of Andrew’s Sisters, Billie Holiday, Nat King Cole, Everly Brothers, The Beatles, and Bread. I guess it was a relief for Daddy because before, whenever I play songs from Billboard’s Hot 100 hits or Dance Club hits, he would cavil and ask me to turn them off. Since I started playing them, I haven’t heard any complaints from him and even asked me to save them in his MP3 playlist.

what about yours?