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November Get-Together


It’s already November and Starbucks is already giving out their stickers for the 2013 planners. And being coffeeholics and planner savvies, we started going out to our fave coffeeshop weekly. And since some of our friends are in the city this week, we planned another nightout. Glenn’s stayed here for a while after coming from a seminar in La Union. You’d be surprised to know that it’s a rare case for here to go home at 3 AM sober! Lanie and her fiancé, Harris also dropped by to give out their invites for their December wedding. Jhen came with her mom and sister, which I am thankful for for the stickers! Then after taking some photos, we decided we were hungry so we headed out for dinner. Casey,  Jhen, Jhen’s mom and sister stayed though and waited for May. Casey said she’d meet up with us later so we have to dine nearby the coffee shop. We were’nt interested with any of the food around Cap John Hay so we went back to town. Sorry Casey! We had our dinner at Zola where we all ordered baby back ribs and shakes. Jeff had to hit the road earlier than us because of work.  Kim and Jopat also showed up straight from the bus terminal, after coming from Manila which is very thoughtful of them. At least we had some photos taken together with them. Casey and her cousin and a friend came minutes just before we are about to leave. It was 12 when we left the resto. The couple headed home to rest and Cherith went to work. That left Me, Glenn, Casey and her company. They wanted to go to a karaoke bar so we tagged along with them. We headed out to Chairman’s which thankful, upgraded their karaoke machine and playlist (some of the songs are still on Billboard Top 100). After two hours of singing, we decided to end the night, sober.

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Baguio Flower Festival schedule for 2011

Tomorrow is the Grand opening parade of the 16th Baguio Flower Festival or Panagbenga. I wouldn’t be going to town tomorrow though because I know  there’s going to be a hell of a crowd and traffic (including the bipolar weather). It’ going to be a month-long celebration of festivities anyway so I would be able to see the showcase with my friends.

Baguio Flower Festival schedule for 2011

Here’s the a glimpse of the Baguio Flower Festival schedule for 2011: 

November 16, 2010 – Launch of Panagbenga 2011
February 1, 2011 – Grand Opening Parade
February 1 – Mar 6, 2011 – Market Encounter
February 12, 2011- Let A Thousand Flowers Bloom
February 13, 2011 – Pre-Valentine Event & Fluvial Float Parade
February 26, 2011 – Grand Panagbenga Street Parade
February 27, 2011 – Grand Float Parade
February 28 – March 6, 2011 – Session Road in Bloom
March 2, 2011 – Pony Boys Day
March 3, 2011 – Central North Luzon Tourism Fair
March 6, 2011 – Grand Closing Ceremony & Grand Fireworks Display (Flowers in the Sky)

Be there at the Baguio Flower Festival 2011 (Panagbenga Festival 2011).