Another Green Smoothie

I’ve gone to the deli and saw a bagful of organic spinach and decided to buy just because. So when I got home, I felt like making something healthy but easy with the spinach I’ve bought. I looked around the kitchen and upon seeing the contents of our fruit basket, I decided to make a smoothie. Here’s what I came up with.


1 whole avocado fruit
1 banana
A quarter to half cup milk
1 tsp vanilla
1 tsp almond extract (optional)
A dash of cinnamon (plus nutmeg if you want that Christmassy feeling)

You just scoop what needs to be scooped and peel what needs to be peeled then throw them all together in the blender.

Haiku #6: Strawberry Fields


2601: La Trinidad, Benguet’s zip code image

Two, six, zero, one
The peaceful niche that I love
Our strawberry fields

It’s my hometown’s Strawberry Festival! I am inviting everyone to come to La Trinidad and celebrate our town festival happening this March 18 to March 31, 2014. There’s gonna be lots of strawberry products like jams, cakes, smoothies, ice creams, cakes, yogurts and maybe shawarma. And please come and enjoy our semi-temperate vegetables and flowers among others. Be part of this exciting event and let’s celebrate our culture!

Strawberry fields forever!