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Haiku #25: Dissonance

Out of tune wind chime

Pieces shaken and unstrung

The disharmony

I don’t really think wind chimes can ever be out of tune, but whatever. I’m just trying to be poetic. Lol!

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Pits and Puddles


I have to catch and fill in my emptiness
Try to hold it before it sips in
Before it runs dry again
The transient satiety
Because I am not certain
Of the next time I can feel full again
Or is that full or fool?

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Haiku #24: Quotidian


: ordinary or very common

: done each day

Full Definition

1 : occurring every day <quotidian fever>

2 a : belonging to each day : everyday <quotidian routine> 

b : commonplace, ordinary <quotidian drabness>

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Haiku #23: Late Night Thoughts

Afraid of the night
Everything else is silent
My thoughts are louder

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Yeah, just a screenshot. 😝

But I gotta ask you, does it matter if the breakup was done gently or in an ambush? Is the pain going to be any lesser regardless of the surprise factor?

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Haiku#21: Pedestrians 

One glance, bodies rubbed
The temporary feeling
A passing fancy

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Haiku #20: Backwash

Like when someone comes and knocks you off your feet then leaves you after the rough tumble. Haha