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Sketching Dresses

Bridal Dress 10/26/14

Oh yes! I’m back to sketching dresses again. All I have been making lately are caricatures and other portraiture types. I know making those were making my imagination quite limited because the clients or I have a set design on mind. Unlike fashion designing where you can freely do whatever style you like. I thinks I also had a “designer’s block” that’s why I used my scanty creative juice on another genre of drawing. Nevertheless, doing portraiture and fashion sketching are both fun to do. I wish the drive to do more of both would be on equal levels. I missed doing another of my first loves. xxx

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DIY Infinity Scarf

DIY Infinity Scarf


I’ve actually done this during the holiday season out of boredom. I was looking for some old clothes in the attic with nice a fabric to be recycled but unfortunately, I found none. Instead, I saw my nephew and niece’s old cloth diapers or lampin as we call them here in the Philippines. They’re made out of 100% cotton and the thickness was just right which was perfect for the project I intended to do. Don’t worry, they were clean and poop-free!

MATERIALS (makes 1 scarf):

– 2 cloth diapers

-white thread


1. Cut the cloth in half lengthwise. (I used three of the cutouts but you can use all four pieces if you want a longer scarf.)

2. Sew the entire long edge of the wrong side from tip to end. Now you have a long tube of cloth.

3. Put your arm through the middle of your long tube and grab the end of the other side. Then pull the far side back through the middle of the tube, flipping it right side out as you gou.

4. Sew both ends together.

5. Dye and dry.




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Alexander McQueen Spring 2012 RTW

PARIS, October 4, 2011

Alexander McQueen is one of the brands I am looking forward to seeing every Fashion Week. Though he died last year, his works will always be thought as intense and passionate as shown in the groundbreaking exhibit at the Met. Thank God he has been a good mentor to Sarah Burton, Alexander McQueen’s new creative director.

Post-Lee Alexander McQueen, I personally found the collections a little less dramatic. Though every piece of them were amazing, I thought there should be more shock value. That there should be more to fire up a controversy. But upon seeing their latest Spring 2012 RTW, I found a new respect for Burton. Her shock tactics is now visible. Bizarre pieces covered the models’ face. Breasts were shown.

Burton said that her inspiration in making this collection is “..Gaia.the wonder of nature, the sea.” There were lots of pleats, ruffles, and aquatic-inspired prints that made the models sea goddesses. The designs just makes a woman as graceful as a jellyfish moving, as stunning as pearls, but as sinister as a barracuda men should fear.

Kudos to Sarah Burton and long live Lee McQueen!


Photos: Marcus Tondo/

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Turban Legend

Caution.The post you’re about to see is full of my turbaned head.(Of course!what would you expect?!)

I’ve got this turban for free! The very generous Miss Kamille Ocampo (@kamocampo) had a giveaway spree to thank her blog followers. Apparently, I’m one of them. I think it also served as a promotion for her upcoming brand—Selfmade Manila.

I totally forgot I joined her promo until one morning, my vibrating phone woke me with a text saying that a parcel is on the way being sent to my address. But because we were under signal #3 from the Bagyong Pedring, the postmen can’t deliver it to our house. I picked it up from the Mail and More office the next day when the storm surge stopped and I was just wearing my PJs and flip-flops. And that’s it. I’ve got a new turban!haha

And who cares if my hair is short-ish! I still want to wear it.haha


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pretty for pretty’s sake

pretty for pretty's sake

Last Sunday was the only time I have again heard of Corinne Bailey Rae’s “Put Your Records On” through YouTube after some months. So I’ve been suffering from LSS of this song until now but I really didn’t know the whole of the lyrics, just the “Girl put your record on/ Tell me your favorite song..” part.

Then there was this part when I thought it was “pretty for pretty’s sake” and I wondered – is there such thing or phrase as “pretty for pretty’s sake” ? So I’ve searched it’s lyrics only to find out that it was “pity for pity’s sake!”

I’ve done another searching and found out that there was really a “pretty for pretty’s sake” phrase. And so again, it’s not only the song that keeps popping out of my head but also “PRETTY FOR PRETTY’S SAKE.”

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Gucci Pre-Fall 2011 Ad Campaign

Lenz von Johnston and Sigrid Agren are the new faces of Gucci  in this Pre-Fall 2011 ad campaign by Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott. I find the projected image over the guy really artistic and cute. Actually, we’ve tried doing a thing like that when we were in college. The thing is, the picture projected that time was from Plants vs Zombies. We were just done with a slide show report when my group-mates/friends decided to play it without disconnecting the laptop from the LCD projector. LOL