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Boyfriend of the Week: Marlon Teixeria (Again!)

I thought I was over the boyish Marlon but he always proves me wrong. He is on the top list of Client Magazine’s “100 Faces Of 2011″.

If you are as curious as me about the other faces who have made to the list, visit Client Magazine’s site to know how to avail of the book.


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Boyfriend of the Week: Éric Bélanger

I’m not really a hockey fan and haven’t even tried watching a single game, I left it for my aunts in Canada to go crazy with. The sports scene is now talking about the hockey riot that happened in Vancouver. Honestly, I don’t care about the sports nor the riots, just the hot hockey players.

So here is my newest crush namely Éric Bélanger from the Phoenix Coyotes. I have googled other images of him and came across some not-so-flattering ones especially when he’s facial hairs are shaved but fortunately, Rick Day has photographed his good angles and hot bod in this photo set.

Éric Bélanger  (1)Éric Bélanger  (2)Éric Bélanger  (3)Éric Bélanger  (4)Éric Bélanger  (5)Éric Bélanger  (6)Éric Bélanger  (7)Éric Bélanger  (8)Éric Bélanger  (9)

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Boyfriend of the Week: Noah Mills


Noah Mills is on the #1 spot in my list of most favorite male models and he is back as the face of Calzedonia’s Spring 2011 campaign photographed by Dean Isidro. I’ve first seen him in Sex and the City 2 and it was love at first sight. Haha! And I know he’s not the most handsome male model but I didn’t know why he’s always my ultimate #1 most favorite.