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Haiku #24: Quotidian


: ordinary or very common

: done each day

Full Definition

1 : occurring every day <quotidian fever>

2 a : belonging to each day : everyday <quotidian routine> 

b : commonplace, ordinary <quotidian drabness>

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The Hunted

I was done making today’s poem assignment about animals, concrete poem and enjabment but when I was in the toilet, another idea came to mind. My previous post was quite humorous but this one’s on the sad part. the hunted

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Troubling Travel

Today’s prompt: Journey, Limerick, Alliteration

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Twisted Fretzels on Etsy

I just started my own shop on Etsy. I will be mainly focusing on invitations and other digital/printable products. Please come and visit my shop. I have already posted 2 of my invitation designs and will be fixing my other designs this week.

Pink Nautical

Spring Floral

sample1sample 2

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2014 Portraiture and Caricatures

Here are some of the works I have done this year. Most of the caricatures I have made were for the clients (usually used for their wedding invitations or as gifts to their friends.) The portraitures (the one with weird patterns) were especially made for my friends as their birthday present.

San jose family unnamedT & L-caricature Sano-Lagadan sandhu family  nurse-army  mr and mrs lagiwid2 mauMay Alex-fritzLVkharen-chuckykiana and luiskambalkalit-jeffJEFF-SCARLETJHEN MARK2cariagajoel-jegithcall centerate jhing and kambal3- jhennefrancine-rexpaolanicameg1            cherith   bebeyt-fritz  ashi ais 2014-08-30 15.41.56 2014-08-30 15.41.49