♥Hey!You might want to click me♥


This blog is irrelevant, nonsensical, and (give me adjectives…or just say whatever you think it is). I don’t really have a specific category of what my blog is all about but I’m sure it’s a salad of  jabberwockies, gobbledygooks, and mumbo jumbos.

The opinions expressed on my posts are solely mine, as I’m the sole owner of this page. Just in case they turn out to be stupid and crazy, you can tell it to me. Just don’t inform some random lawyer about it as I don’t have money to pay for any lawsuit.

And by the way, some of the photos, especially the professionally-taken ones are not mine. I might act like a stalker for having them (especially the boys’ photos) but I do not intend to do anything illegal. It’s not my fault if I wanted to share their beauty. And anyway, I am placing credits to the owners in each of my posts. You can click on the links, you know.

And for my photos which are mostly sketches (you will know they are mine if you thought it was messily done), you can share them but please, link them to my site. Well, if that’s if you are crazy enough to share my crazies.LOL

And please, feel free to leave comments. It’s nice to talk to someone aside from the voices inside my head.




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