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we had lots of time…but i’m left with nothing

14 seconds introduction in a 2 hours birthday party
30 minutes of funny life-story sharing before you asked my number
1 month and 18 days of exchanging friendly messages before you confessed your feelings
6 months of courtship before becoming officially on
10 to 15 minutes of phone calls daily
Twice a month dinner dates
7 monthsaries celebrated
1 week of you becoming cold, 6 days before our 8th monthsary
18 minutes confession of a friend who knew about your 2-month infidelity
6 minutes for me to tell you about what I heard and to ask you “Is is true?”
6 seconds of silence before you said “yes”
7 minutes, i guess, took you to explain that you are sorry that you fell out of love and you just can’t spit it out to my face
7 seconds, I stood still and 18 seconds for me to run away while you are in the middle of your story of cheating
27 minutes of my dramatic walking under the rain 
7 nights being sleepless, i still love you
Half a month, I haven’t heard about you, still expecting for rekindling of the old flames
2 months, 3 weeks, 2 days after the confrontation, a friend told me
You are getting married to that 3 month pregnant girl you were seeing behind my back
Another month of sleepless nights, so lonely
Dozens of friends telling me to let it go
One me waiting for you
One me denying the truth
One me, still thinking there is still love
One stupid me, saying that this love will be forever



Ambivert freelance graphic artist and coffeeholic..and most of all, a Slytherin!

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