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What Writers Dread: The Block

I wish that my mind is like a lemon– juicy. Because nowadays, I’ve been missing my tall glass of creative juices. I’ve been having this writer’s block for months already that’s why I haven’t clicked the “New Post” tab just yet. I mean, I am writing a new post now but this is different. I miss writing fiction! The last time I’ve written a short story was like two months ago. I tried making a new one and I actually started writing. I already have names for the main characters and have conceptualized on their personalities. Hell, I already knew how to end it but the only thing missing is how to thicken the plot! How do I make it exciting or how do I even make someone read it through the end? I thought I should read other books or watch movies or TV series to gain inspiration but still, my brain is idle! Well, I think I should continue reading and watching before I come up with a decent story. Ta-ta for now.



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