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Turban Legend

Caution.The post you’re about to see is full of my turbaned head.(Of course!what would you expect?!)

I’ve got this turban for free! The very generous Miss Kamille Ocampo (@kamocampo) had a giveaway spree to thank her blog followers. Apparently, I’m one of them. I think it also served as a promotion for her upcoming brand—Selfmade Manila.

I totally forgot I joined her promo until one morning, my vibrating phone woke me with a text saying that a parcel is on the way being sent to my address. But because we were under signal #3 from the Bagyong Pedring, the postmen can’t deliver it to our house. I picked it up from the Mail and More office the next day when the storm surge stopped and I was just wearing my PJs and flip-flops. And that’s it. I’ve got a new turban!haha

And who cares if my hair is short-ish! I still want to wear it.haha




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