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Born This Gay: Glenn’s 14th Birthday Celebration

I’ve already uploaded these photos in our Block 16 account but the quality has been compromised that’s why I’m putting them in my blog. Hope the resolution’s better when I upload it here.

Well, Glenn’s birthday is actually on the 6th of October and she is not really 14. It’s for you to guess how old she is. I don’t want to spill it as I want her to indulge herself in her “Like A Virgin” status. Anyway, she was not the only girl who was supposed to give us a treat. Paola, Cherith, and Loraine were supposed to be joining us as previously planned but for some reasons, they were no-show. Casey had her blow-out earlier this month that’s why she’s excused from co-financing this party. LJ, the other virgin celebrant, is also away so there’s no way she’s celebrating it with us this year. Sana next year ilibre niya kaming lahat sa Cebu.

The meet-up happened at SM then we went to 50’s Diner to stuff our tummies then we went to Miguel’s to booze up. After Miguel’s, we thought we didn’t want to go home yet that’s why we went to Insomnia. Siyempre, bading kaming lahat kaya gow kung gow para mag-aura at mag-sight sa may bikini open ng mga hommes! Witchibels namang ka-join na yummy. May-I-dance naman kami shugkatapos ng bikini open. Kalorka ang Casey! Pa-ispluk pa siya na wit na niya bet sumayaw. sasamahan daw niya si Bata sa table na navovorlog na. Maya-maya, paggala ng mga mata namin, give-it-to me siya sa paggiling kasama ang mga otoko. In fairness dun sa isang otoko, may fez. Napagod kami sa pagsayaw kaya inubos na namin ang mamam namin sa T-ice tsaka gorabels na papunta sa mga balor namin.





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