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You and I Music Video

Love is a Result. We bare an Unbearable Human Inability: to just 'be.'
Love is a Result. We bare an Unbearable Human Inability: to just 'be.'

Dear Little Monsters,

I’ve written this letter to tell you all that Mother Monster Manifesto has released her video for her Born This Way track “Yoü and I.” I never expected it to be grotesque since the song itself is quite romantic. But despite my misconception, I still found the video entertaining. The setting was somewhere in Nebraska, with cornfields and a barn.

I was also excited to see her outfits but as I watched the video, I thought all of them were familiar. So I tried going through the Lady Gaga Chronicles anywhere in the web and found out I was right. The clothes and the looks were the same and so close to her previous appearances in her earlier music videos, photo-shoots, and concerts. So no claiming that she was copying other artists’ dresses, just herself.

She also presented her other alter egos in this MV. There was Jo Calderone sitting on the piano, Yuyi the Mermaid, and I don’t know about the others. She was also a female Frankenstein, a bionic, and a bride in the video. There were also sexual references on it.

I think my letter ends until here. You can just see the “Yoü and I” music video for yourselves and let me know what you think.

Au revoir,


P.S. The cool Nebraska guy is Taylor Kinney whom you might remember as the scorching hot werewolf, Mason Lockwood, from Vampire Diaries Season 2. Too bad they killed his character.



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