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Homey Fritz: Make-up Remover

Make-up is a permanent fixture in every girl’s (or gay’s in my case) repertoire. I never really go out to the world without a touch of make-up on my face. A little stroke of eye shadow or mascara would do. But the love for a made-up face should not last long for a day. There will always be a time when your face should be nude. But the problem is some make-up; especially the dark hued and glittery eye shadows and eyeliners don’t come off that easily. Much more problem if your soap isn’t enough to strip the colors off your face and your commercial make-up remover is already running out.

Well, that happens to me all the time but I am just glad that I was able to find this box with cards of home beauty tips I’ve bought years ago. I never really thought I could use this card which has “make-up remover” written on it as I was not that person who used make-up then. But since I’ve been civilized and have been taught to use make-up, it became handy.

The card says that you need: 1 tbsp. full cream milk, small bowl. Few drops of sweet almond oil, cotton

  1. Pour milk into a bowl. Add almond oil.
  2. Soak cotton into mixture and pat on your face.
  3. Use another piece of cotton to remove the mixture. Rinse off thoroughly so as not to have bacterial residue.

Sweet almond oil is quite pricey and it’s rare to see them in grocery stores so I substituted extra virgin olive oil. Vegetable oil would also do.



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