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How Asking Which Uniform Was Cuter Turned Me Into a Nurse

When I was still in grade school, I never really thought of becoming anything. As in no dreams at all. Not even becoming a princess! I stayed that way until I entered high school. Just that! I was learning things which I didn’t know where to use them. But just before my high school life was through, I had to think of a course I have to take for college.

Option 1: Veterinary Medicine

I love animals! Sometime more than I do for humans. So I asked my mother if I can take up Veterinary Medicine. But she said “NO!”. She didn’t want me to delivery baby pigs and inspect the brains of rabid dogs. So that’s it. I gave up the idea.

Option 2: Accountancy

We had this good neighbor, Uncle Leo, who suggested me to take up Accountancy. My first reaction was “Hell no!” Math was the only subject where I’ve got a grade within the line of 7. He was really convincing then when he said that I didn’t to be a math whiz to be an accountant. But realizing, how can I work with financing and whatever accounting if I didn’t know what Statistics meant? Good thing I didn’t listen to him. I didn’t even know why I listed Accountancy in this list.

Option 3: Psychology

Did you know that “Psychologist” was the one I placed as my “ambition” in my high school yearbook? Well, the reason for that was my fascination with witchcraft and ghosts—as in Parapsychology. It was the only branch I was interested then and not General Psychology. Plus, It seemed fun becoming a guidance counselor with all those exciting homeroom sessions.

I told that to my mother and again, she said “No!” That I won’t have any work but an HR personnel. And I proudly said, “I can be a guidance counselor!” To my dismay, my sister said, there won’t be anyone who would hire a gay as a guidance counselor. Haha! I really haven’t thought of that one so bye Psychology!

Option 4: Education

I was really fixated with my high school life that I didn’t want to leave it. That was a reason why I thought of taking up Education- so that after I graduate from it, I can return to high school and teach. Ha-ha! That was a really kiddy reason. My mother said “No!” again. She’s a teacher and loves education but a reason why she refused it was –where’s the money from it!?

So I ended up choosing from my 2 last options. Both were the most in demand courses that time and I didn’t care where in those 2 will I end up — HRM or Nursing?

Option 5: HRM

With HRM, I thought I could travel to some places and experience the hotel life. I also knew I was not fond of folding my beddings and cooking and my bedroom is a pigsty! But maybe I could reform and learn how to be more organized through their subjects

Option 6: Nursing

It was known as the fastest ticket in going to abroad. Plus, my sister was already taking up nursing that’s why we thought that I won’t be hard up since I have a guide. It was not my hobby to go to hospitals and I dreaded toughing anything from them. But I guess I can get used to it.

Options 5 and 6 were my final choices. Though my heart was not really in those professions, I thought I could be an empathetic nurse or a warm host. Eenie-meenie-minie-moe! I didn’t know what to choose and I didn’t care. So I asked my high school friends, “Which uniform is cuter? The too formal HRM suits or the crisp clean white one?”

I tallied their votes and I got the answer to my question. I took up nursing and finally started to loving it! I guess, becoming a nurse also became a dream for me whether I liked it or not and I finally I gained that title. But even though I loved myself as a nurse, I am still looking for that something that would really satisfy me. Since I have already accomplished that dream, I think I should make another one for me to reach. Maybe a fashion designer, a writer, or a professional artist. Who knows, right?

While I’m still not sure about what will I become, I think I will take my time to enjoy following the white rabbit until I’ve got all the clues how to get out of Wonderland.



Ambivert freelance graphic artist and coffeeholic..and most of all, a Slytherin!

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