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Imaginary Boyfriend of the Day: Matthew Evangelisti for Icon

I was browsing the male fashion site, Homotography when I came across the beautiful picture of this beautiful man. That made me decide to make posts here about men!LOL!

And here goes my first “Imaginary Boyfriend of the Day” post

Matthew-Evangelisti-Randall-Mesdon-Homotography-1Matthew-Evangelisti-Randall-Mesdon-Homotography-2Matthew-Evangelisti-Randall-Mesdon-Homotography-3Matthew-Evangelisti-Randall-Mesdon-Homotography-4Matthew-Evangelisti-Randall-Mesdon-Homotography-5 (1)Matthew-Evangelisti-Randall-Mesdon-Homotography-5Matthew-Evangelisti-Randall-Mesdon-Homotography-6Matthew-Evangelisti-Randall-Mesdon-Homotography-7 (1)Matthew-Evangelisti-Randall-Mesdon-Homotography-7Matthew-Evangelisti-Randall-Mesdon-Homotography-8Matthew-Evangelisti-Randall-Mesdon-Homotography-9


thanks to for the photos Smile



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